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Kids and Back Pain

Monday, September 14th, 2015

I wish I didn’t have so much experience with kids and back pain.  My friends and family are always surprised to hear how many kids I adjust regularly in my clinic.  When I first started in chiropractic 16 years ago, it was rare that I could convince parents to bring their kids in to my office.  Often now the child is a chiropractic patient before the parent is.


Why do kids have so much back pain?  Let’s start with their big heavy back packs that don’t quite fit that they sling over one shoulder.  While I frequently recommend smaller back packs, keeping more in your locker and roller bags, that isn’t always realistic.  At the very least, be sure to wear a back pack with adjustable straps over both shoulders and the best scenario would be to use a waist strap too.  Where do you get something like that?  Try REI or another sporting goods store.


Just like any office worker, if you sit all day, it will cause back pain.  My office chair has a lumbar support and a butt cushion.  Most school desks I have seen have hard resin chairs with no padding.  How can anyone be expected to sit quietly and calmly on that?  That is one of the many reasons that varied physical activity is important for keeping your kids healthy and free of back pain.  This doesn’t mean three hours of soccer practice every night year round.  Variety in sports is important.  The kids that do best and have the least pain and injuries are the ones that don’t get so focused on one sport.  If your child is happy to settle for the B team because they are enjoying a variety of sports, be happy for them.  Be proud that they are making a decision that will cause them less pain and injury in the future.


Chiropractic care has been shown over and over to be effective and safe for kids.  If your child is struggling with back pain give a chiropractor a call.


For more information on spinal health for kids, check out this article from a chiropractor in Fort Worth  They have a great website too with lots of great information.

Chiropractic Care and Reflux

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Baby chiropractor

Here’s a quick little testimonial to chiropractic care and reflux.  This is baby Jack. He came to see me with a bad case of reflux and wasn’t able to turn his head to the left. He even has a big flat spot on his head because has only been able to lie down with his head pointed one direction. He was scheduled for physical therapy and a baby helmet.  After one adjustment he can turn to the left and he had 24 hours with improved reflux symptoms. He’s has more adjustments to go but we are well on our way to improvement.

Many parents bring their babies in for chiropractic care.  Common reasons for first apppointments are reflux, constipation, ear infections and colic.  It’s a safe and effective way of keeping your child healthy and trying less invasive therapies before turning to drugs.

When picking a chiropractor for your child, make sure that you find someone with post graduate education on adjusting children.  At my office that has been an ongoing part of my continuing education and training.  Also find someone who is willing to spend time with you on the phone and answer your questions.  If you don’t feel like you can trust the doctor to answer your questions, its tough to feel comfortable allowing that person to adjust your child regardless of their education or experience.

Here is a link with published research on babies and chiropractic in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health

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