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Sports Chiropractic

Monday, April 26th, 2010

As a sports chiropractor, I am continually grateful to have a chiropractic practice where I see athletic people who are motivated, active and happy to listen and invest in my recommendations.  Many of my friends have pain based chiropractic practices that are geared towards people who have injuries and are totally inactive.  They get adjusted infrequently because their insurance company is footing the bill and expect three adjustments to work miracles and are upset when it doesn’t.  Anytime I have substituted for these fellow doctors, I realize how blessed and lucky I am to work with the population of patients that I do.

How did I choose this path?  One of the best chiropractors I ever had, Dr. Tim Fargo, basically saved me from a lifetime of pain and headaches after a terrible car accident.  No—that is not an exaggeration.  At the time, he was the unofficial chiropractor for the Minnesota Vikings and I was lucky enough to work in his office as a student.  I learned a lot!  I was fortunate enough to work on most of the starting offensive and defensive line and special teams of the Vikings during their infamous almost undefeated season in 1998-1999.  This was a huge inspiration for me.

As an athlete myself, I have had just about every injury known to man.  (My friends will absolutely back this up and keep threatening to pull life insurance policies on me!)  Again—another great mentor and sports chiropractor, Dr. David Stude, patched up most of these injuries.  Let me tell you, there is no bigger motivator to learn a new skill or technique than when you are the biggest benefactor.

To focus mainly on sports, I have a few unique qualifications and educational experiences.  Much of my education, both in school and post graduate, has been in the field of sports chiropractic.  Lots of golf continuing ed, hour upon hour of study on kinesiotaping technique, weekend sports symposiums and entire weekend conferences on extremity adjusting, two years ago we spent 12 hours on the foot alone…sound boring?  Not when you do what I do.     My bachelor’s big focus was sports science as it related to human biology and in grad school I spent many weekends sitting on sidelines taping injuries and assessing injured athletes.  Add in being a fitness junkie and you can see why this was the only option for me!  Did I also mention, I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor?

With this education, I have presented seminars for over 500 golfers and probably at least as many runners and triathletes.  Most of my patients are athletes of some kind.  I recently found this article in Experience Life Magazine and had to share.  I couldn’t explain the goals of sports chiropractic better myself.

Check it out at

Corporate Wellness-Stretches for Desk Workers

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Neck StretchesStretch 1–Drop your shoulders away from your ears, tilt head to the right, use right hand to pull head over and tilt nose up toward the ceiling.
I recently gave a talk on corporate wellness for Digital River where we talked about eliminating neck and shoulder pain through stretches and posture.   Hold all stretches for 30 seconds.  These aren’t a substitute for chiropractic care or medical advice so use accordingly.  Call me for more information 763-553-0387 or
Neck Stretches

Stretch 2-Rotate your nose down towards the floor

Corporate Wellness
Keep your shoulder low, extend your arm, palm facing forward, extend your wrist backwards, rotate your thumb backwards for optimal tension
Improving your neck flexibility

Tuck chin backwards and then extend head back. Keep your shoulders low.

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