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Healthy Detox Diets–LifeTime Fitness Article

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

11 Day Detox Diet From Experience Life Magazine

As a chiropractor, I am frequently asked about fad diets, my dietary preferences and supplements. This field is changing constantly and I feel that to be an expert in nutrition, it has to be a full time job. None the less, I’d like to share an article today about an 11 day detox program that I recently tried.

The article I read was in Experience Life Magazine, put out by Life Time Fitness that gave me a very clear and concise game plan to follow.

For the last ten years, I have done a detox plan at least once a year. It seems that sometimes no matter how hard I try, once off track with my diet, I can’t get back on. I end up feeling bloated, gaining a couple pounds and have irresistible cravings. Salt, sugar, fat, salt…sugar…fat…repeat. You get the idea! This is when I know that I need to do a detox diet. Typically, I start off by eliminating either sugar or alcohol since my sugar cravings are the worst. I then eliminate all bread, white rice, pasta, all products made from white flour and simple carbs of any kind. After about a week of this, I do a one day juice fast and then typically eat with a lot more intention for awhile until my diet all goes to hell again.

What was different about this detox, is that I felt so good when I was on it, weeks later I still am sticking to parts of the program. Though I have given many workshops on nutrition, I am the quintessential “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to nutrition. I knew logically why you should eat small meals, but didn’t really understand how that was possible. After a couple weeks on this detox plan, I felt great by constantly and consistently fueling myself with small meals throughout the day. I would highly recommend taking a look at this article and trying it yourself.

Active Family Chiropractic Celebrating 10 Years in Plymouth, MN

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

With a brand new license and a freshly inked occupancy permit, I walked in to my office 10 years ago this morning. I’m not sure who was more nervous and scared, me or my new patients. There were days that I sat in my office all day to see ONE patient.

As any truthful small business owner will tell you, there have been several times over the years that I was not just scared I would lose it all but sure I would lose it all. A lot has changed since that first day! Six years ago, I made a quality of life decision to go from being the largest chiropractic office in Plymouth (and the most stressed!) to cut back and work for fun and not for the money. By anyone’s measure it has been a success.

Over the years, I have had a front row seat to witness the incredibly powerful healing capacity of the body. I’ve watched people walk down my stairs with canes and walk out without them, people with daily migraines never have another, allergies so bad a woman would blister from head to toe in the sun have complete resolution and watched kids who were on several meds for ADHD have full resolution of symptoms come off their meds and do well in school. The power in you that made your body, heals your body.

The stories of patients regaining their health have had a profound impact on me. However, what has mattered most have been the relationships we’ve have built over the years. I’ve celebrated with you at your kid’s grad parties. I’ve cried with some of you over losses of children and spouses. I’ve laughed with you over crazy family stories (usually my own) and spent countless sleepless nights worrying about the people I didn’t know how to help or the times a simple headache turned out to be anything but. I’ve been lucky enough to have children who are no longer little that I adjust regularly whose their pregnant moms I worked with to ensure the best birth experience possible. It amazes me that you can build such great relationships during a three minute adjustment.

Please know that I am sincere when I say, it has been my highest honor and one of the great privileges of my life to work for you as your family’s chiropractor. Thank you for your trust, your loyalty and most of all your friendship. Please know that I always remember that your patronage of my business is why I can pay my mortgage and have a great life. Most of all, thank you for the times you have treated me as if I am part of your own family.

I’ll never forget the times in my own life that all of you came around me to help when I was struggling. After a bad rollerblade fall, to all of you who put up with a plastic brace being jammed in to your back by a one handed chiropractor for the better part of a year, thank you. To the family who brought their new puppy to my office on Valentines Day to cheer me up during a brutal divorce-I’ll never forget that. Countless other stories over the last ten years flash through my mind…

Every day I come to work happy that I have an amazing career and truly the best job of anyone I know. Thank you—this office has been my sanity and my insanity over the years! You have made it an incredible run.

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